Unlimited Reload your mobile

MP app is one of Sri Lanka’s amazing apps that allows you to play games and win free reloads. And also you can spin the wheel and win reloads every minute.
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Play, Win, Get free mobile reloads

Sri Lanka’s best reward giving app. Win free mobile reloads and gifts while having fun in your leisure time

Play & Win

Play games, get high scores, beat your friends. 250 winners will get free reloads and reward coins

Spin & Win

Spin the gift wheel and become a lucky winner to win a free reload every five minutes

Vote & Vin

Vote your preferred candidate in your area to win instant reloads and gifts daily

Invite & Win

Invite your friends to play games, earn spin tickets and reward coins for each friend you invite

Share & Win

Share MP.LK’s website link on Facebook and get likes, comments & shares to win reloads

Coming Soon

More features yet to come. Stay tuned to get more rewards with MP App

Play games with your friends and win mobile reloads as gifts.

Are you a legend in playing games? Just try MP games and win free reloads.

  •  The highest scored players win the game.
  •  250 winners get reload gifts in each battle.
  •  No data charges to play the game.
  •  Anybody can play the game – no age limit.

It’s a very easy game. Just swipe to move the numbered tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one, you get scores. Merge tiles as much as possible to get the highest number before you run out of moves. That’s it, very funny!

Spin the gift wheel and win mobile reloads every five minutes

It’s your lucky gift wheel – Spin, sit back, relax and enjoy the Magic Show!

  •  A random winner will be selected every five minutes within a day.
  •  Spin tickets will unlock the wheel.
  •  More tickets, more spins. Invite friends to earn spin tickets.

You need to have tickets before you spin the wheel. You will get a free spin ticket as a registration bonus. Each spin will cost one ticket.

You may invite your friends using your invitation link to get more tickets. You will get two tickets per each friend you invite. But keep in mind, your friend should register via your link and he needs to install MP App and then complete his registration to receive tickets.

Vote for your preferred candidate and get a free to reload instantly

Did you ever think, your vote will send a reload to your mobile phone? Hey, hey, no time to think, its time to vote.

  •  A list of candidates in your area will be displayed.
  •  You can vote for your preferred candidate from the list.
  •  Also, you can invite any missing candidates.

You will get a chance to vote on the candidate you prefer the most in your area. Remember, only one chance and no more voting chances. Spend a couple of minutes from your valuable time to view profiles of each candidate. Once you decide the right candidate click on the vote button. It’s amazing! you will get a reload on to your mobile.

After voting you can write reviews for every candidate on the list. Still only one review per candidate.


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