How to Recovery Chat App for Android

If you have this issue then this incredibly efficient and helpful photo recovery app is here to solve your problem. With this data recovery tool, you get the chance to recover and restore all your lost or deleted photos in a matter of seconds. Without the need to root your mobile, all you need to do is scan your device to discover and recover lost photos of your choice.
Our app may show you some pictures even if they are not deleted yet because our mobile keep some pictures in hidden folders. Keep looking for the photos you want to recover back the app will show both deleted and not deleted photos. This app cannot be used as a recycle bin. You can get pictures even ones that have been deleted before the app was installed.

No need to save temporary contacts just for sending a text.
Do not want to appear online? open Chat Bin and read all the messages.
Found one emergency in the message? No worries, we will redirect to chat for the reply.
If you want an urgent call. Do not need to go to contacts, you can call the person from the same screen.

Someone deleted a message before you could see? just copy a message above or below and check.
Else you can always open chat bin.
We will notify you once in a while to read messages offline.

After Installing, please provide Chat bin every permission and access. We will only ask what is needed.
Chat Bin will not save or share your personal data.  Download

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