How to download fouad whatsapp on your Smart Phone

How to download fouad whatsapp on your Smart Phone Fouad MODS Official Application to get the latest update of fouad whatsapp No matter what Android device you got, Fouad MODS is ready for you. Fouad MODS for Android app & Fouad MODS web itself will quickly identify the perfect view for your device and present it for you.

Made for You Everything is made to be awesome, from App base to App view. Fouad MODS for Android offers many features including streamlined interface, personal settings and also an incognito mode for your privacy.

AZWhat’s comes with tons of new features. I will be listing the most used and advanced features here. Go through them and after which you will find the option to download it to your Android device. More added features and important settings are mentioned below in the changelogs section.

Features is being updated. Wait for a few minutes.
Important: Anti-Ban.
New: Swipe on Message to Reply.
Exclusive Anti-Delete: Know which latest messages are deleted in Chat (To enable, Fouad Mods > Privacy > Anti-Delete messages).
Group calls and Special label for forwarded messages enabled.
What’s base update to 2.18.361.
Watch Videos directly inside AZ via PiP feature.
Increase in Delete for Everyone time up to 11 hours.
Now send documents with size up to 1 FM.
Requirements and Notes

Download the App

Compatible with Android 2.2 (Froyo) or above
Internet connection required
Runs on both rooted & non-rooted devices

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