How to Change Volume Pannel in Any Android mobile

Volume Styles lets you fully customise your phone’s volume panel and sliders.
Change the colours, apply different themes such as iOS & MIUI, change the position, and more! You can even add additional shortcuts and change the brightness, to make accessing things faster.

It works, for the most part! I love the different designs and the ability to choose what sliders you want to see! On the newest version, adds Cast volume, but I am still NOT able to control my Spotify music thats on my Google Home speaker (its technically casting to it). Which sucks. I haven’t tried
I really like the ability to change my volume slider, but there are a couple down sides: 1. Even with the update, I still cannot take pictures with the volume button. 2. Every time I go to take a screenshot the slider pops up, which gets annoying when you don’t want it to be in the screenshot. Overall the integration is good, but there are a couple things that need to be fixed. One other thing is that shortcut buttons aren’t updated until expanding the pop-up
Style the volume panel exactly how you like:
Apply the colours you want
Auto dark mode
Change the corner radius
control panel position on screen
Volume panel show duration

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