Best Counter App in Android

Trendy and lightweight app to track the most important days and events from your life.
View days elapsed after an event or the remaining days.
Have you ever wondered how long have you been with your significant other?
Maybe you want to find out your age in days, weeks or years?
Maybe you want to know how many days you have of sobriety?
How long have you been free from smoking?
In the middle of a nofap or exercise challenge? No problem at all.
Create a counter for all of those important events.

This app will tell you that and much more! Customize every counter with your own image or choose from dozens of amazing, pre-installed backgrounds for many occasions. Change the font color, size, and type as you wish.

Create a highly customizable widget on your home screen and be able to count the most important days end events every day right in front of you.
Set a reminder for each event to make sure that you don’t commit a blunder! Download now and start counting today to stay informed about your events and days.

easy and intuitive to use
countdown to specific days or events in different formats (days, weeks, months, years)
counting up once specific days arrive
unlimited number of counters
material design look
endless counter customization- background image, overlay, font size, type, color and much more
ability to choose a counter image from your gallery or pre-installed backgrounds
unlimited number of widgets to be placed on your home screen for every counter
reminders for each event (with a specific time and custom notification text)
repetition of each counter (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
additional advanced date calculator to quickly count days, weeks, months or years
counting in many different formats

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