Best Application For Fully Control Others Mobile And Get Message And Contacts for Android

Make Your Multi-Screen Life Brilliant
AirDroid is a powerful app to help you manage your phone on a computer. With AirDroid desktop client installed on your computer or a browser visits, you can easily manage your phone remotely without a real cable connected. With AirDroid you can do cross-device file transfer, remote control your phone, screen mirroring, and mirror your phone’s notification.

Main Features:
File Transfer
– Whether you are under a local area network (LAN), you can have your files transferred between Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.
– No limitation of file type, pictures, videos, music, apps, pdf is all supported.
– You can transfer these files not only between your own devices but to your friends. Simply add them to the “Friends” list or directly find them in “Nearby” when you are under the same LAN.
– It’s so convenient like you are using Android’s AirDrop.
– The seamless transfer feature helps you move your files from an Android system to iOS and vice versa. For example, to Xiami, Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung.


File Management
You can easily manage your phone’s files (including those in the SD card) on your computer. Pictures, videos, ringtones, music, and folder in the phone can all be uploaded, downloaded, backup and sorting remotely on a computer.

Remote Control
– Control your Android phone remotely through a computer. Operate your phone on a larger screen.
– Your Android devices are not required to be rooted, even a non-rooted device can be controlled on the desktop after some simple settings.
*If you want to control your Android phone from another Android device, please download AirMirror on the app store.

Screen Mirroring
– Mirror your Android phone’s screen to a computer, or to use AirMirror to mirror to another Android phone.
– Extreme clear resolution and immediate response, suitable for meetings, game live-streaming.

Remote Camera
Activate your remote Android device camera from a computer, or a mobile device with AirMirror installed. Switch between front and back camera, monitor the surrounding in 360 degrees. Sound around your remote Android device can be monitor, too.
Turn your spare Android device into a monitor to secure your children and pets at home.


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