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Avasaram 108 App is a big step forward to improve the promptness in responding to all kind of emergencies (Medical, Police, fire). Take a seat and start your job in a fully modeled and realistic ambulance, all of which are based on real vehicles. Make your way to a accident site in the open city, without loading screens. The world has Dynamic day and night with different weather effects. The faster you get people to the hospital, the more money you earn.
The way you use the money is up to you, personalize the ambulance or upgrade the lifesupport in it. Upgrading the lifesupport keeps the patients stable for longer, giving you more time to get them to the hospital. You can also use the money to purchase different ambulances.There are also a lot of customisation options for the Ambulances, including paints and acessories.

Download the Avasaram 108 App from Android Play Store
Install Avasaram 108 App on your Android smartphone
Follow the registration process which will be for the first time including OTP verification
Make sure your device is GPS & GPRS enabled while calling 108 Emergency
On clicking the Emergency App, the application will fetch the user’s current location and point.
The user can then call 108 helpline by clicking on the Call 108 button
On calling, user’s current position along with user details will be sent to the call centre and agents could view the user’s current position in google maps and can dispatch the nearest ambulance.

Download the App

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